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Probate Information Form


Administration of Decedents' Estate

As an executor or administrator, you will be responsible for the administration of the decedent's estate, with or without a will.


  • Dependent or independent administration

  • Administration of trusts

  • Administration of decedents' estates

  • Heirship proceedings (if no will)

  • Probate of wills

  • Accepting the position of trustee means that you have legal obligations such as:

  • Accounting to the beneficiaries

  • Distribution of property to the beneficiaries

Administration of Trusts

Statue of Justice

Probate Litigation

  • Probate litigation involves any contested matter involving

  • contesting a will or interpretation of a provision of the will

  • contesting a trust or matters relating to a trust

  • accounting demands on an executor or trustee

  • any contested matter relating to a decedent's estate or a trust

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