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The FUGATE LAW FIRM Houston, Texas (the Law Firm), is a Texas based law firm that provides legal advice and representation to individuals and business clients throughout the State of Texas. We pride ourselves in providing efficient, effective, and accurate legal services. Whether the client is an individual or business, the quality of our legal work is of utmost importance. Getting the job done is priority. We offer our clients outstanding services in a wide range of areas, including, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law, and Estate Planning and Probate law.

What distinguishes us from other firms is that we have small firm creativity and individual attention. Clients rely on us to be approachable, responsive, efficient, and effective. Please contact us today for further information about our firm and how we can help you, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


The FUGATE LAW FIRM was founded upon the belief that we could make significant contributions to our community. One of the law firms goals is to make legal and professional experience accessible to individuals and small and emerging organizations. Our firm strives to meet our ethical obligations to our clients. We avoid conflicts of interest. For legal matters that we do not handle, we refer to attorneys and firms who practice in those areas.

Five attributes describes our service goals to our clients: (1) a quality product; (2) timely delivery; (3) continuity of service; (4) loyalty; and (5) honest, independent advice. Our firm strives to deliver services that solve our clients' problems on their time schedule.



We have a common concern with our clients regarding issues relating to cost and efficiency of the legal services we provide. As a result, we are extremely flexible in our pricing arrangements. While typically we use the billing rate method, we are open to other billing options, such as maximum price billing. Our goal is to get the results our clients want in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. We let our clients and the legal project at hand, not tradition, be the guide in determining the pricing structure.

We tend to charge less than what a "large, institutional firm" charges per hour. Some legal matters can be quoted on a fixed-fee basis. Where possible, we give a fixed-fee quote for legal matters having a defined scope. Where the matter may have more variables influencing the length or complexity, the fee itself must be based on the amount of time it involves to accomplish the goal. Many of our personal services for families and individuals are priced on a project basis. We typically charge a retainer for most legal matters.


Below is a synopsis of the background of Attorney Jeanne Fugate of the FUGATE LAW FIRM, set forth below:

Jeanne Fugate is the founder and managing member of the FUGATE LAW FIRM, PLLC, and she practices in the areas of estate planning, probate, divorce, family law and traffic law. From 2002, Attorney Fugate has been a sole practitioner.

Attorney Fugate is a licensed member of the State Bar of Texas and a member of the Bankruptcy Law Sections. Also, Attorney Fugate is licensed to practice in the Federal Courts of the Southern and Western Districts of Texas. 

Attorney Fugate graduated salutatorian of Auburn High School in Auburn, Kentucky. She subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Textiles, Retail and Merchandising from the University of Kentucky where she was awarded a Traveling Scholar Award. She then spent 10 years as a Manager/Buyer in retail, working for various companies; JCPenneys, Joskes, and Lerners. In 2000, she earned her Juris Doctorate (J.D.), with cum laude distinction, from The Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Attorney Fugate completed training in the arts and skills of trial advocacy conducted by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy in 2008.

She regularly attends CLE's on Estate Planning & Probate, Family Law and Bankruptcy Law areas.

Attorney Fugate also enjoys serving in the legal and business ministries at her church, spending time with her family, theater, and traveling.

"My largest accomplishment and continued goal in life is to be an Attorney that "walks with God." 

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